Our Bagua Classes Return

Our Jiulong Bagua classes are back up and running again for the autumn and winter sessions. Just before our summer break we held a day’s workshop on two aspects important to our study of bagua: “willow bends” and “two dragons at play”. Both are combat games, teaching the players how to deal with incoming forces from different directions. In a forthcoming post I will detail some of the ways we played these games during the day.

Also this session, we are all practising more attentively in preparation to Shifu Castaldo’s winter workshop here in London in November 2012. Shifu Castaldo, Dr Painter’s senior bagua instructor at the Gompa, in Arlinton, Texas, USA, has over thirty years experience of Jiulong Baguazhang and was the person who developed our “Rolling the Pearl” beginners’ programme. It will be Shifu Castaldo’s first ever workshop in the UK. I’ll be discussing how to prepare for this forthcoming workshop in subsequent posts. So keep tuned!

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