Nine Dragon Boxing Combat Principles

Nine Dragon Boxing Combat Principles
The following are a few of the Nine Dragon Boxing Palm Principles. We present these here merely to demonstrate that true Baguazhang for combat is more than just learning pretty forms. Real Chinese internal martial arts like Baguazhang have undergone a great dissolution of power and effectiveness due to the spread of modern sport versions that emphasize form over principle. Mr. Li, Longdao said, “Principle is more important than memorized forms. A form must be a pantomime of combat that contains specific principles of action. Without this the form is merely dance and of no use for defense!”

  • The RYG Principle: To enter from the safe zone (Green) to caution zone (Yellow) and into danger zone (Red) in the blink of an eye.
  • The Wedge Principle: To neutralize, deflect and take the center on the first touch using the Ball and Wedge like the prow of a boat.
  • Seek the Ridge Pole Principle: To control his spinal column and thus his balance as the primary first objective when attacked.
  • The Brain Blink Principle: To confuse and disorient the enemy at first touch.
  • The Straight to Circle, Circle to Straight Principle: To move in linear when he circles and to move in circling when he moves straight.
  • Magnetic Body Principle: To adhere to the enemy with the body when in close and control his balance with any part of the torso or limbs. This goes beyond physical and is part of the body/mind control.
  • The Dragon Body Principle: To flow and move like a water serpent. We learn to avoid being struck or grabbed as we attack.

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