Instructor Bowen

I began my practise of the internal martial arts in the UK with Tai Ji Quan under Master John Kells in 1979. During the next decade I learnt the complete curriculum that was offered. I practised a short form, long form (right & left sides), various push hands routines, sword form, qi kung and the “Dance of Equality” (San Shou).

In the early 1990’s, I was exposed to what some consider a sister art of Tai Ji, Baguazhnag (Pa Kua). When I saw the single palm and double palm changes being executed while the practitioner walked around in a circle, I was so fascinated that I decided to track down a teacher who would guide me through this beautiful, relaxing and meditative martial art.

I had to wait until 1997 before I found my first teacher of Baguazhang. Over the next few years I learned Bagua forms from the lineages of Rose Li, Dr Lin Jun Wen and Xie Pei Qi of the Yin style. I finally settled with my current teacher, Dr John Painter, when I came across one of his videos in 2000 and decided that Jiulong Baguazhang was the style for me.

I have found Jiulong Bagua to be a moving meditation, qi kung exercise and a marvelous self defence system. The quiet sitting at the beginning of each class has enabled me to develop a more relaxed approach to life and to deal more effectively with the day-to-day stresses of life. Our particular method of meditation is simple but effective.

I then began to learn our version of Zhan Zhang, a form of standing meditation, which is practised during every class and has qi kung benefits too. We call this standing exercise Xi Yi Gong (Mind Intention Work). With this method of standing I only need to practise twenty minutes per day to get quick and astonishing results. This method seems to pinpoint physical, mental and emotional blockages in the body that we are unaware of because we are never still enough to feel them, and is able to dissolve them.

I teach the basics programme which will enable you to create your own circle walking forms. This will prepare you for the advance stages of the art that utilize ideas from the Yi-Ching (Book of Changes)in increasing your physical health, stamina, mental well being and the ability to defend yourself. Jiulong Bagazhang will turbo-charge your tai ji, yoga, pilates practise or any other martial practise.


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