Class Information


Pre-Paid 4 classes: £48
Pre-Paid 10 classes: £100

Class Format

Each 90-minute class, while unique in content and focus, will follow the format shown below.

This format has proven, over the last 30 years, to be the most effective manner of teaching the Jiulong Baguazhang system:

Sitting Meditation (all classes)
Daoyin Standing Yoga (all classes)
Zhan Zhuang Standing Meditation (all classes)
Shifting Exercises (all classes)
Linear Walking (all classes)
Games/Push-Hands (all classes)
Circle Walking (intermediate classes)
Circle walking Push-hands (intermediate classes)
Lecture & News (all classes)
Bow out with recitation of the Four Virtues(all classes)

In addition, Instructor Rey Bowen will provide each student with the personal attention required to get the most out of their practice of Jiulong Baguazhang.

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