Bagua Qigong

Do you want to decrease stress and increase your health?

Do you want to enhance your concentration?

Then come along to get a taste of how Bagua can improve the quality of your life!

Jiulong Baguazhang (Nine Dragon Baguazhang) or just Bagua (pronounced Ba-gwa) is a rare, almost extinct family system of exercises designed to enhance the body’s natural ability towards both relaxation and power.

Nine Dragon Baguazhang is a unique fusion of yogic meditation and stretching exercises, Tai Ji-like gentle movements building up to controlled aerobic stepping patterns, which will relax and gently stimulate your mind, muscles and cardiovascular system.

The benefit you may obtain from this system is a sense of well-being, relaxation, and vigour, along with complete whole-body strength and improved health. There are no long complicated forms to be performed; only mental and biomechanical principles to practice. This will eventually enable you to create exercise patterns for yourself.

You control the flow of your energy!

You control how much you learn!

You choose where you practice!

The art of Bagua consists of learning how to utilise specific body postures, to stimulate internal energy for health. These energies may stimulate or tone sinews, muscles, internal organs, moods, circulation of blood, and Qi.

Bagua Qigong

This is a Qigong (life force) internal training to develop tranquillity, longevity, and health. The Chinese call it “Qi” (Chi), the Hindu yogi, “Prana” or “Kundalini”, Africans call it “Num” and Christian healers refer to it as “Grace”.

This section of the art contains the longevity meditations and exercises of the Flying Dragon Qigong, The Nine Healing Circles Bagua Qigong, and Long Feng Shui Bagua Qigong. These Dragon Dances were reputedly used by the Chinese sage, Li Ching-Yuen, to attain the age of well over 100 years in perfect health.

Flying Dragon Qigong

This method has six circle walking forms, designed to prepare the body and nervous system for the spontaneous opening of the internal Qi flow through the channels of the body. This method allows the body to attain internal circulation naturally.

Long Feng Shui Qigong

“Dragon of Wind and Water Qigong.” This is a series of postures said to harmonize mind and body with the current time and space. One walks the circle first counterclockwise then clockwise each day with at least three of these “Dragon of Wind and Water” postures. There is one designated for the year, month, and day. Yearly, Monthly, and Daily postures are assigned specific Gua numbers from the Yijing, which are read, as a meditation before the beginning of the exercise.

Nine Healing Circles Qigong

The method consists of nine basic postures, eight of which are held while walking the circle; first counterclockwise, then clockwise, to activate the meridians flow, in the 14 major Qi channels. The postures are held in a sequence, corresponding to the flow of Qi, through the daily cycle, starting with the lungs and ending with the liver meridians.

Advanced students of acupuncture and Qigong, familiar, with the laws of sedation and tonification, can use this form as a type of spiritual acupuncture, by rearranging the postures to suit the needs of a particular complaint. This method is effective for those, who have internalized the visualization of each posture, through specific Yi/Xing (form/shape) exercises. This level is not recommended for beginners or even intermediate students without such knowledge.



•    Quiet Sitting (Seated Mediation)

•    Daoyin (standing) Yoga

•    Dragon Circling Calm Waters Qigong (Establishing a connection between the Laogong and the lower Dantian)

•    Dragon Embraces the Great Pearl (Developing awareness of the middle Dantian)

•    Dragon Soaring to Heaven (Developing awareness of the upper Dantian)

•    Turning the Wheel of Heaven (Clearing the small circulation Renmai and Dumai)

•    Dragon Swimming Among the Clouds (Using the Laogong to lead Qi through the small circulation orbit)

•    Dragon Clears the Three Gates (Opening the thrusting channel in preparation of grand Qi circulation)

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