Push-Hands and Combat Games

Our Lake Palm students played our two-partner game of Anzhang-Fa. The game is similar to push-hands but with more options to use a variety of other techniques. The game attempts to simulation a real combat situation using the principles of the art. However, the emphasis on this week’s game was on effective footwork because bagua […]

Internal energy, Mindfulness, Qi & Skill

Students are reviewing ‘Rolling the Pearl’ (RTP) posture with shifting laterally as a method to develop whole body power. After completing the shifting exercises, they have to drill RTP with our linear walking methods. The more practice performed regularly; the more skilled gained in the movements. In effect, they are developing kung fu, work completed […]

Zhan Zhuang, Neigong and Breathing

There were two separate groups in our session, one focused on using the diaphragm while breathing during seated meditation, and when standing in Zhan Zhuang postures. The other’s main concern was reviewing shifting with the Rolling The Pearl (RTP) posture. Both groups reviewed Linear Walking with RTP postures. Linear Walking is practised to develop neigong […]

Jiulong Baguazhang Push-hands

On the 28th July, we held an all-day workshop focussing on Jiulong Baguazhang two-partner work. The day was split into two sessions: in the morning we played Willow Bends and in the afternoon Two Dragons at Play”. Willow Bends, is our version of Rolling Hands, which is similar to Tai Chi’s Push-Hands. Why practise Willow […]

Our Bagua Classes Return

Our Jiulong Bagua classes are back up and running again for the autumn and winter sessions. Just before our summer break we held a day’s workshop on two aspects important to our study of bagua: “willow bends” and “two dragons at play”. Both are combat games, teaching the players how to deal with incoming forces […]

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